Ai oh my!

In a recent interview, I was asked about AI.  Specifically, I was asked: “The industry is ever-evolving. Technology continues to play a crucial role. How does continue to set the bar for AI and technology, and what innovative strategies are being employed to ensure that agents have access to the most cutting-edge tools and … Continue reading “Ai oh my!”

Teenagers: Scents, Sense, & Cents

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” isn’t just a song.  We’ve all been there. The squeaky voice, the gangly limbs, the sudden bursts of brilliance mixed with clueless confusion. Yes, the teenage years are a time of growth, change, and the occasional funky scent. Let’s face it: they smell funky sometimes.  That scent is the smell of … Continue reading "Teenagers: Scents, Sense, & Cents"


I’ve been talking about AI a lot lately, I mean a lot, explaining that it’s a teenager that needs guidance.  I’ve gotten to the point where our AI technology, MAGgie, has become an almost human virtual assistant, helping me be more efficient and productive every day.  I’ve started to wonder where the line between human … Continue reading "Twinkles"

Gets You Right in the Feels

I truly, deeply, and with all my heart and soul, don’t care what you think.  Nope.  I don’t care a bit, at least until I know the feeling behind your thoughts.  Feelings – caring for example – are the framework through which we live our cognitive lives.  All our thoughts and behaviors stem from, or … Continue reading “Gets You Right in the Feels”

1-1 Interview

Chad Burt, Owner, Outside Agents  Chad is fortunate to be a natural born entrepreneur as he’s been a terrible employee historically. Starting his first business in 4th grade, Chad had been a serial entrepreneur until finding a true home with his cousin when they founded Chad is now thrilled to share his passion and … Continue reading “1-1 Interview”

Riding the Wave of Tiny Wins

The Ben Franklin Way to Grow Your Home-Based Travel Agency    Picture this: a lightning rod-wielding, kite-flying, founding father of the United States, Benjamin Franklin, strolling through the streets of Philadelphia, spreading his wisdom on life, politics, and business. If social media existed in the 18th century, Ben would totally be an influencer, right? So, … Continue reading "Riding the Wave of Tiny Wins"

Instructions vs Directions

My name is Chad, and I’m one of the founders of  You may be wondering why I’m learning so much when I’m what you call an “expert.”  That’s what happens…the more you know about something, the more you know what you don’t know about it.  That’s why I favor directions over instructions when working … Continue reading "Instructions vs Directions"

Indy Mindset

The Indy Mindset changes everything Be Indiana Jones. Be an adventurer. Be Indy. It makes every trip the best trip. As I’ve said before, nobody wants to travel. They want to live, to breathe, and to feel. But I do know people who embrace the entire trip, door to door — not just when they … Continue reading "Indy Mindset"

Power Words

Make them feel it! 390 POWER WORDSSpecial thanks to Mrs. Hayes, my high school English teacher that showed me the power ofwords...Sure, a picture is worth a thousand words. But, when you use power words, a word gains thepower of a thousand images. Laugh, cry, get mad, or what ever, if you have feeling about … Continue reading "Power Words"

Get Groupin’

What travel agent doesn’t love landing a big group?  Groups are great money-makers!  Working with groups, however, an agent faces many challenges:  Relying on a group leader to get the correct information out to everyone in the group  Miscommunication and “he said/she said” about group details  Maximizing $$ TC’s $$  Managing, collecting, and securing multiple … Continue reading "Get Groupin’"

MENTORING – The Circle of Experience

A good friend will go to jail with you.  A true friend will go to jail with you and say “Dang!  That was FUN!”  At least that’s what my grandpa always said, and he’s the guy that taught me what I know about wisdom and tomatoes.  This is why mentors should be “all in.”  Offering … Continue reading "MENTORING – The Circle of Experience"

Adverbs and Adjectives

Adjective, Adverbs, and bears…oh my!  As agents, we’re taught to qualify our clients by using questions, so we understand what they really want.  The answers to our questions are important but, the words the client choses to give us those golden answers are often more insightful and revealing.  Luckily, you don’t have to be a … Continue reading "Adverbs and Adjectives"

Exactly 3 Ways to Do Everything as a Travel Professional

Grow Yourself and Your Travel Business with Tools that Work!   Written By: Chad Burt, Co-Owner of   It turns out my Dad was right.  There really are only three ways to do anything:  “My way, my way, or the highway.”  Oops, wrong three… “You can lead, follow, or get out of the way.”  … Continue reading “Exactly 3 Ways to Do Everything as a Travel Professional”

TPN Outside Agents

Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with information about Outside Agents! We are one of America’s favorite host agencies, supporting thousands of agents nationwide. Travel agents, both new and experienced, enjoy long-term success with us because of our dedication to providing the most robust host agency program in the industry. As a business owner, … Continue reading “TPN Outside Agents”

In the Media and Why

I need your feedback.  I’m trying to figure out what combination of content and voice/style we get to the media that casts OA in the most attractive light for agents with some experience.  Look, we know we’re kinda awesome, and there are a lot of reasons why (he said humbly), but what makes us stand … Continue reading “In the Media and Why”


The light from my grandfather’s Zippo lighter danced on his face as he slowly drew in the sweet-smelling smoke from his pipe and said, “Knowing a tomato is a fruit is knowledge.” I had no idea what he was talking about until, after slowly exhaling wisps of smoke, he wryly continued “Knowing not to put … Continue reading "Tomatoes"

Selling travel is a lot like a first date

From across the room, your eyes meet. There’s something interesting in their eyes and you move closer. Conversation ensues, and you connect right away. Suddenly, you are carefully assessing the person, asking yourself “Are they the one?”  You become more confident as laughter follows jokes that you both get. You speak the same “language!”  Cautious … Continue reading “Selling travel is a lot like a first date”

Penny Jar Revolution

We’ve all had a penny jar. We saved our leftover change for a rainy day, and, sure enough, the day came when those coins came in handy. As we enter a brave new era in travel, we need our penny jars. We need to invest our “pennies,” both money and resources, and reap the rewards. … Continue reading “Penny Jar Revolution”

Nobody WANTS to Travel

People are Ready to Experience the World and as a Travel Professional, you are the key to Unlock it! Written By: Chad Burt, Co-Owner of   Nobody wants to go to Alaska.  Flights are a pain. Nobody wants to cruise the inside passage.  That’s two days at sea. Nobody wants to fly in a … Continue reading "Nobody WANTS to Travel"

It’s Time to Get Back to Work as a Travel Professional

Interviewing: Chad Burt, Co-Owner – An Interview By: Andy Ogg, CTIE, Co-Owner –    First off, thank you so much for the time today Chad! It’s always great to connect with you! What a year it has been, but as we step forward from a challenging year, how have things been for you and the … Continue reading “It’s Time to Get Back to Work as a Travel Professional”

How Much Do Travel Agents Make?

By Chad Burt, Co-Owner of   If you’re someone who loves to travel, has thousands of travel rewards points, and knows an impressive amount of travel lingo, then a career in the travel industry might be perfect for you! Of course, none of these things are required to be a travel agent — except … Continue reading "How Much Do Travel Agents Make?"

Make Dreams Come True as a Travel Professional

  Interviewing: Chad Burt, Co-Owner –  An Interview By: Andy Ogg, CTIE, Co-Owner –    First off, thank you so much for the time today Chad! It’s always great to connect with you!  Chad and I have been working on a pretty cool project that is being referred to as “SPECTRUM.” As a visually impaired … Continue reading “Make Dreams Come True as a Travel Professional”

Separate the Wheat from the Chaff to Make More Money as a Travel Agent

  . . . navigating a new universe of travel gurus   Today’s world of instant gratification, quick fixes, shortcuts, and secret solutions to all you desire provides fertile ground for hyping everything. From electronically operated beds that will make your spouse stop snoring to skin cream that immediately will erase all evidence of the … Continue reading “Separate the Wheat from the Chaff to Make More Money as a Travel Agent”

Purple People Eaters

Circa 1 b.c. to 1 a.c. (Before Covid / After Covid)   Nine-thirty at night is pretty late for us “over 50” types. Inspired by a shared bottle of wine, though, the engaging conversation continued on myriad topics with Chuck, my soon-to-be great friend. Eventually, the conversation strayed to that neverland of politics. Panic struck … Continue reading “Purple People Eaters”

All That’s Old is New Again

28 days.  Alone in an eight-by-ten box for nearly a month.  Who deserved this terrible punishment?  My 9-year-old son, Nicholas.  Yep, 672 hours in the hole for being exposed to Covid, twice. The fact is we use confinement to punish people.  Covid has been punishing all of us for over a year.  We want our … Continue reading "All That’s Old is New Again"

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