Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

  . . . navigating a new universe of travel gurus   Today’s world of instant gratification, quick fixes, shortcuts, and secret solutions to all you desire provides fertile ground for hyping everything. From electronically operated beds that will make your spouse stop snoring to skin cream that immediately will erase all evidence of the … Continue reading “Separating the Wheat from the Chaff”

Purple People Eaters

Circa 1 b.c. to 1 a.c. (Before Covid / After Covid)   Nine-thirty at night is pretty late for us “over 50” types. Inspired by a shared bottle of wine, though, the engaging conversation continued on myriad topics with Chuck, my soon-to-be great friend. Eventually, the conversation strayed to that neverland of politics. Panic struck … Continue reading “Purple People Eaters”

All That’s Old is New Again

28 days.  Alone in an eight-by-ten box for nearly a month.  Who deserved this terrible punishment?  My 9-year-old son, Nicholas.  Yep, 672 hours in the hole for being exposed to Covid, twice. The fact is we use confinement to punish people.  Covid has been punishing all of us for over a year.  We want our … Continue reading "All That’s Old is New Again"

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