Training and Education


We have developed an award-winning training program based on a simple principle: better education makes better agents, and better agents earn more money. That’s our goal for you.

Online Learning…made simple
The Learning Management System (MAGlms)
We offer an exclusive learn at your own pace, on-demand library that walks you through everything you need to know about travel, from the basics of setting up your business to deep dives into niche travel.
Industry Education…from experts
Personal Onboarding Coach
Starting with a host agency can be a bit overwhelming, even for seasoned agents. Our onboarding team is by your side to make sure you are off to a good start.
One-on-one Mentoring
Sometimes one-on-one is the best way to learn. Our mentors are available to coach you, answer questions and give you the boost you need.
Discussion Boards, Facebook, and Online Chat
Our highly active community of more than 5000 agents is an excellent way to connect. Discussion boards, live chat, and a private Facebook group where you can share ideas, get help, and make lasting relationships.
Live Training…with options
On-site Agent Bootcamps & Specialty Training
Spend a few days in our training center with fellow agents, industry-leading vendors, and OA experts to really dive in and get hands-on experiences. Topics range from new agent boot camps to selling luxury travel and everything in between.
Live Webinars
Webinars hosted by the industry’s top vendors keep you updated on what’s new. Watch live or view at your convenience in our on-demand training library.
Seminars at Sea & Property Tours
Increasing your knowledge while vacationing…that’s hands-on learning at its finest!

“As a travel agent with over 20 years of experience, I am thrilled to be with OA. I joined about four  years ago and it’s been a great relationship. OA is constantly improving processes and technologies. It seems like my CRM wishlist just keeps materializing. They pay commissions promptly, answer questions on a dime and are always very pleasant to work with.”

Heidi Marijczyn

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