In the Media and Why

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I need your feedback.  I’m trying to figure out what combination of content and voice/style we get to the media that casts OA in the most attractive light for agents with some experience.  Look, we know we’re kinda awesome, and there are a lot of reasons why (he said humbly), but what makes us stand out to you? 

Is it the serious stuff like ?  Do third-party interviews like the Friday 15 video in this post resonate more with you?  Maybe it’s a more informational/promotional video like this one?  How about just plain bragging like being ranked in the top 40 travel agencies in the world 5 or 6 times in a row (I lost count…lol).  Is it off-the-cuff interviews, like this status update with Travel Weekly, that rings your bell?  Maybe agents with some experience looking to make more money like to see longer videos with and their competitors (we’re not scared 😊)? 

At the end of the day, is clearly a pretty good host.  We help travel agents make more money, save time, and build their travel business every day, all day.  What is it, though, that, with so many great hosts out there, made you decide to look at us?  After all, you’re pretty awesome, and we love awesome.   

Can you help me find more awesome agents?  

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