Ai oh my!

MAGgie is the AI built by travel agents for travel agents.

In a recent interview, I was asked about AI.  Specifically, I was asked: “The industry is ever-evolving. Technology continues to play a crucial role. How does continue to set the bar for AI and technology, and what innovative strategies are being employed to ensure that agents have access to the most cutting-edge tools and resources?

 Chad Burt: To draw a parallel for you, I’m a car guy, I love horsepower. On a given day, though, do I want the fastest car on earth to go up the 95 freeway, or do I want one that’s got good tires, very reliable, and looks pretty nice too? Probably the latter. I don’t necessarily need the cutting edge. We deliver that, but it’s not necessarily what agents need. So what I try to do, is I have a site called and it shows us what we’re cooking on. And I go talk with people, see what’s going on, test the temperature, the vibes, see how it’s happening. And then I bring in technology that reflects the needs of the human. Again, this is technology in and of itself is completely overrated. I hear people say, “Well, we have advanced technology.” Great. What does it do for me? Ours saves you time and helps you make more money as a travel agent, ultimately making your marketing efforts better. It helps you communicate differently

You can see the whole interview here.

You can download a copy of Chad’s book, “250 Power Prompts for Travel Pros“.  Use oastrong as the password.

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