Technology at Your Fingertips’s PowerAgency is an advanced travel research and booking tool, customer relationship management platform, and quote system that gives your customers customized web pages from which to review their quote. PowerAgency provides the member agent with the tools to manage their customer through the entire retailing process. You’ll have access to live inventory for hundreds of thousands of properties, ships, and travel products around the world. You can even apply payments to your bookings via a secure payment processing area of PowerAgency.

This product provides, in one package, access to a choice of multiple Global Distribution (GDSs), access to Central Reservation Systems (CRSs) for both consumers and agents alike, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, and web-based marketing tools. It is a cohesive, integrated software sales system providing far more product offerings than the competition.

In a nutshell, this system will let you and/or your clients make even the most complicated cruise, air, insurance, car, hotel, and excursion reservations all in one easy-to-use interface.

We have also built the most active agent community in the industry today.  Make friends, join clubs, and benefit from the knowledge of your peers.  We call it “crowd-sourcing.”  You’ll call it “amazing!”


We’re also offering access to My Booking Genie, a one-stop tool for social promotion and management of all your groups, small or large. The system allows you to create micro-sites for all your groups where clients can share them with friends and family then register for the trip right online. No other host offers this unique ability.  Take a look at a sample site by clicking here.  This will boost your sales!

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We have the tools you need to succeed
I reactivated my account yesterday and signed up for the top premium website / E&O package just now. I finished my MyAgentGenie training this morning. I am amazed at the technology you have introduced in the last few months. I was sure Outside Agents offered the most “bang for the buck” when I chose your agency last year but what you offer now absolutely blows that out of the water. Keep up the great work and its good to be back.
Alan M.

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